GeoTrust® Malware Scan

Protect Your Website

Protect your online interests with a cost-effective daily anti-malware scan. GeoTrust® Malware Scan identifies malware threats and assures your customers by displaying the GeoTrust® Malware Trust Seal on your website.

Ensure Your Online Business Remains Reputable

GeoTrust® Malware Scan is a low cost, easy to implement malware prevention tool that allows you to start protecting your website and building trust with your customers immediately.

Trust is critical to the success of any online business, but growing concerns about fake sites, viruses, and identity theft have made consumers reluctant to do business with websites that do not take steps to protect customers from online threats.

GeoTrust® Malware Scan includes the GeoTrust® Malware Trust Seal which assures your customers that your website has been scanned and is safe from malware threats. Displaying a highly recognised trust seal on your website is proven to increase customer conversion rates and build trust.

Prevent The Spread Of Viruses & Protect Customers

Unfortunately the majority of malware today is spread by unsuspecting legitimate business websites that may not have the resources to monitor and respond to malware threats. GeoTrust® Malware Scan checks up to 50 pages daily for all known and new malware strains and provides detailed alerts so that website owners can easily pinpoint infections and remove malware as quickly as possible. More Information

Respond Quickly To Malware Attacks & Other Threats

GeoTrust® will send you an instant alert with detailed information that clearly identifies and locates any malicious code found on your website. These alerts enable you respond quickly to any attack so you can clean up your site fast.

Keep Search Engine Traffic Flowing

Search engines have the ability to flag websites suspected of being infected with malware which stops your site appearing in search results. Even if the malware is removed from the website, the site may be penalised for a significant amount of time, resulting in less visitors to your website. The GeoTrust® Malware Scan prevents malware infections and and keep search traffic flowing to your website.

Validation Requirements

There are generally no restrictions on installing the GeoTrust® Malware Scan product on your website. No third party validation requirements are required which means you can start protecting your customers immediately.

GeoTrust® Prices

Our pricing structure for our GeoTrust® products are well below the recommended retail price. Buy for multiple years and the cost of your GeoTrust® product works out to be excellent value and we'll even match any competitor price you have found. Find Out More

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