Comodo® SSL Wildcard

Secure Unlimited Sub Domains

Secure your domain and all your sub domains with just the one Comodo® SSL Wildcard Certificate.

Comodo® SSL Wildcard Certificate will save you time and money. Your online business can be secured using the highest available levels of encryption. At the same time, managing your website security could not be easier.

Benefit Today

Comodo® SSL Wildcard is the security product that is built for future-proofing the growth of your online business.

Along with the highest levels of security, you get practically universal compatibility - Comodo® SSL Wildcard Certificate is recognized by all the major browsers and devices used by the world's internet population.

You also receive the benefits of dedicated customer support, a $250,000 warranty and a 30 day money-back refund policy.

Secures Unlimited Sub Domains
Highly Recognized & Trusted
$250,000 Warranty
256 Bit Strong SSL Encryption
Up To 3 Years Discounted Validity
Delivered Via E-Mail Within Minutes
Includes Comodo® Trust Seal
99.9% Web Browser Ubiquity
Automatic CSR Generation

Buy Comodo® SSL Wildcard From Only AED 1,026.82 Per Year

Our pricing structure for Comodo® SSL Wildcard is well below the recommended retail price. Buy for multiple years and the cost of Comodo® SSL Wildcard works out to be excellent value at its lowest price of only AED 1,026.82 per year.

Please use the following ordering buttons to go directly to our fully automated ordering system. Your Comodo® SSL Wildcard SSL Certificate will be submitted immediately to begin the validation process.

Currency 1 Year Validity 2 Year Validity 3 Year Validity Renew Order
UAE Dirham AED 1,110.08 AED 2,109.15 AED 3,080.47 Renew Order
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Issuance insurance is offered with Comodo® SSL Wildcard free of charge. We will reissue your Comodo® SSL Wildcard SSL Certificate free of charge for the life of its validity, for any reason.

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Comodo® SSL Wildcard Website Seal Of Security

The Comodo® verification seal will give your website instant credibility and trust. Your e-commerce customers only need to hover their cursors over the website security seal for real-time 'point-to-point verification' of your website's security.

Comodo® SSL Wildcard certificates comply with NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) recommendations - up to 256 bit encryption with 2048 bit signatures.

Comodo® SSL Wildcard Secures Multiple Sub Domains

One SSL Certificate is all you need, purchase one wildcard SSL Certificate to secure all sub domains under your primary domain. If you were to purchase a wildcard SSL Certificate for * you would be able to secure unlimited sub domains, such as :

Want to add more sub domains? Easy. The same Wildcard certificate is all you need. Simply copy it to the new sub domain. No hassles. No additional costs. Job done!

Backed By Comodo® Certification Authority (CA)

Your Comodo® SSL Wildcard SSL Certificate order will be issued directly by Comodo® and will automatically be trusted by 99.9% of web browsers. Purchasing a trusted SSL Certificate from Trustico® ensures that visitors to your website will never see annoying pop-ups or any other SSL Certificate errors.

More Ubiquity Information
Of Web Browsers Automatically Trust Comodo® SSL Wildcard

Price Match Guarantee - Don't Buy Elsewhere, It's Not Worth The Risk.

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Go ahead and place your order, we'll refund the difference when you advise us within 7 days.

The Trustico® Price Promise

Compare Comodo® SSL Wildcard With Other SSL Certificate Products

Each SSL Certificate has it's own unique features and benefits. We've got many SSL Certificates to choose from, check out the comparison below to ensure your getting the right SSL Certificate for your needs.

  Comodo® SSL
Comodo® SSL
+ Multi Domain
True BusinessID®
Certificate Authority (CA) Comodo® Comodo® GeoTrust®
Trustico® Retail Price AED 1,110.08 AED 862.59 AED 1,452.20
Validation Method Domain (DV) Domain (DV) Organization (OV)
Hash Algorithm SHA-2 SHA-2 SHA-2
UC - SAN - Multi Domain Upgrade Required
+ Multi Domain
Yes No
Mobile Ubiquity Yes Yes Yes
Assurance Medium Medium High
Site Seal Type Dynamic Seal Dynamic Seal Dynamic Seal
Site Seal Comodo® SSL Wildcard Trust Logo Comodo® SSL + Multi Domain Trust Logo GeoTrust® True BusinessID® Site Seal
Included Warranty $250,000 $250,000 $0
Encryption Strength 256 Bit 256 Bit 256 Bit
Product Information More Info More Info More Info
Renew Online Renew Renew Renew
Order Online Order Order Order
Issuance Speed Issued Within Minutes Issued Within Minutes 24 Hours

If you're not sure which SSL Certificate to choose please call +44 203 519 8870 or visit our Contact Us page to speak with us via live chat and e-mail. There's no risk when purchasing your new SSL Certificate right now via the Trustico® website. Click Here to find out about our no risk refund guarantee.